my big familly

I have a very big familly from the part of my mother and complicated.When i had 2 years old my mother and my real dad divorced and for 5 years my mother wasn't with nobody.In 2005 my mother meet a man but they dont was married,and they did a cars wash and in the end of year 2005 we moved in Pecica,city Arad.In the end of year 2006 my mother had nausea and dizziness and thought it would be a problem not overburden a much cyst.
She was at doctor and the doctor said that here is not cyst,is pregnancy in 4 weeks and she must to think very seriously because was a very hard to keep this child because she had 39 years and she has herniated disk and is a very risk.And she has thought well and kept the child.And my sister was born in 9 july 2007,her name is Natalia and now she make 3 years old.
I'm so happy that i have her!!!And her parents,my mother and my step father married for she.And when she have 2 years old her parents divorced too,so,me and my sister have the same fate.And my stepfather have a sister and she is married with a black man and she have 2 black childreens,they are so sweet.Now,in june they was in Romania for 2 weeks.It had a very nice time together.

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