a letter to God

Searching on the internet I found a letter for Jesus and I want to put it on my blog to see how big and how many miracles do God (the next post I'll put my letter to the Lord Jesus.)
Dear Lord Jesus,
I remember the first time when I was wont to meet You , to sit at Your feet and put on paper the words who surged in my heart, the longing that burned me after You and i do not tell to nobody. It was so good, and today I remembered that You tell to your childrens to stay away from You to return to the first love but still not too late.I decided in my heart to write you again, it's true it's been a while, but i come with the same love as the beginning and this letter I want to pour my heart telling you that your sight You're the precious of all the universe.
I want to fall in love again with You, in the beginning, to cry after You.Not that I do not love, but not that fire burns in my heart of love, see how just a small flame flickering left and ready to know that if you call, you when you receive this letter you sent those languages Fire in my heart to light a fire in my whole being.Lord Jesus, I write with tears of longing for you, it's been so long and you still did not come after me. You know that nothing in this world reaches me, I looked left, right after I ran into spiritual fulfillment in this world, but nothing brings me fulfillment.
I feel empty, and the house where I live is so foreign, those who surround, good thoughts and although they are only nice to me, if they were strangers, and my heart cried after the upper house as a true Locked in a cage bird who wants sky.

I look in the letter that I've left it after you left, I read it and missing includes hard after thee. They see you as your disciples were surrounded by the crowd, You're the most beautiful people, and many around you do not see in you than carpenter's son, but for me and you were living there that makes me.
Lord Jesus, it is long before you come?
I walk through the dust of this world and I feel very tired, I feel Concerns, doubt and indifference look like tentacole catch me and choke me, bringing darkness over my mind.
I admit these things because they do not want to get caught in their net, I know you're near me when I call in my despair. Thank You've opened my eyes to see, to understand that all things that go, you've decided to heaven and that are not for my destruction, but you sent me like blessings.

My Lord, my heart is in your hand and know that it will blow your mind as you, but I'd like to beat you and not only pass things of this world.
But you know what makes me hope to shoot?
Looking forward to the day you promised me, the day when I will be with you forever, the day when I'll take my hand and show you the beauty of heaven, streets of gold that we stride, flowers that will play before us the angels will greet us in trumpet and saints to glorify our Heavenly Father.

When i look at the beauty ready for me and your childrens and then look at this land what i travel,and it's sunny outside, I'm so dark and i say when will be light.
You write the beloved of my soul, waiting to send me over your holy wind chill to my heart the heat of the world. I look around me and it seems everything is artificial, I realize that nothing in this world tastes like, after I tasted your sweetness and I saw what you're good.

I know as i write these lines, you already know, for me to mouth the word out, you already know it, and so my letter to you is known beforehand, but how good I feel when I lie these thoughts, it's like my heart could speak thy heart, is like flowing oil on the wound and brings healing.
My Lord, I know there are other children of yours that you send letters, some write to you on a bed of suferintii, others in prison, and I write to you being healthy and free, please forgive me as you I had to wait for my letter. I know you enjoy reading this and now when I see Your love for me is to flow from your eyes meek two tears Your face clean.

Thank you had patience with me when I was careless, lazy or barren, thank you did not put away from your face and not have taken the Holy Spirit from me, you gave me again the joy of salvation and return to first love.
Thank you for the most difficult moments, when I shook her, You were beside me and tell me you love me and not you leave me, but that gold must be cleansed by fire as you can see his face in
Thanks for giving me more bread than those which are in Africa or India and can not eat just once a day, and you have plenty of bread spilled out over me.
Lord Jesus I love you I'll give you the power to prove my love by the deed, and at the end of this letter I want my life to do it to be a letter written by your hand and can be read by everyone.
I look forward to the day reviewing our fault, but until then keep me faithful, with white clothes, spotless, with candle lit with oil in bowl and reserve.
With love sacred
Your Child on Earth

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